May 15, 2012

This past week, I tackled my most challenging task  thus far…the closet!   My tiny cottage only has one very small and narrow closet! —  (30″x 60”)   That doesn’t even come close to accommodating my very  healthy wardrobe!    I investigated closet systems online but found everything to be way too expensive and the wrong size!   It seemed like the only way to get what I needed would be to build it myself!!

I felt a little intimidated, I’m not a builder!   I muscled up my determination, and  went to Home Depot, armed with pictures and measurements.   The Home Depot staff was very knowledgable and helpful!  They walked me around to each department and helped me pick out all the right supplies!  For expert advice, I was directed to Super Saul!  Super Saul  was amused by my naive assumption that I would be able to screw 3 inch screws in with a screwdriver, and  hooked me up with my very first power tool!   I am now the proud owner and operator of a power dill!  (My lust for  owning all my own power tools has just begun!)

I went home, equipped with my  new stud finder- only to realize that I have old plaster and lathe walls! ( No wonder my stud finder was confused and whimpering! )  My only recourse was manual excavation of the plaster ( that’s hammer to wall) ,to find the studs– which I might add, were NOT a standard 16 inch  distance apart!   Once I found my 24 inch  spaced studs,  I was able to attach a large plank, length wise across the wall using  my 3 inch screws and my POWER DRILL!  (OH YEAH! ) This would be my support board to mount the brackets for the shelf on.    I did the same thing for the lower shelf, and then mounted 3 brackets each, attached a shelf across the top of the brackets,  and a wooden dowel for hanging my  clothes!

It sounds simple,  and would have  taken a professional a couple hours, but for me , it was five days in the closet  with  daily trips back  to Home Depot for  more supplies and advice from Super Saul!  But I surprised myself and actually  did it!    I successfully installed a double  row of closet shelves on the long side of the wall, and miraculously,  they did not collapse!!   Finally,  for the first time since I moved in,  my clothes  are out of the living room and hanging  up in the closet!

WOW!   I can build things!!

The world is my oyster!

Here’s some before, during and after pictures!

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