I have been  immersed in a soon-to-be-revealed,  very  challenging construction project in the bathroom all week,  so, to tide you over until the big reveal– here’s  a couple of pictures of the beautiful window boxes and Geraniums I got from Remarkable Rita.

It was really easy to put them up because I totally cheated– and used Rebar  wire to install them instead of nuts and bolts.  Who needs  nuts and bolts when you have the wonderful pliable bendyness of Rebar wire!   The kind folks at Home Depot introduced me to my new friend, Rebar wire;  and for anyone who doesn’t know,  it’s the metal equivalent of fishing wire!  Two items one should  keep on hand to fix almost anything!

Enjoy!  And look how happy all the plants in the front  are starting to look!

Thank you!


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  1. Nice, It’s gone from a gone from a concrete box to to a welcoming luscious garden oasis

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