Fresh off the success of my closet shelves construction, I felt empowered to  push my skills even further and revisit my first  and unsuccessful attempt at building a shelf out of  wood for the bathroom!  ( the first one was the leaning tower of Pisa).

The bathroom doesn’t have ANY storage!  Not a towel rack, not a cabinet, nothing!     I’ve been going  a little crazy trying to find anything amongst the tower boxes full of stuff, so it would  be really nice just to get things off the floor!

This time,  I refashioned my design so that it would not be dependent on precision cuts,  and placed the legs against long side of the wood  and  not  the  cut edges.   With a  little measuring,  and a few nails–  my second attempt  at building a shelf is a success!  It’s very simple and utilitarian– but it’s standing up straight!!  YAY!!  I also got creative and extended the window sill out to make it a shelf as well!

Here’s a couple pictures!!




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  1. Nice Job, I see you even kept it away from the light switch 🙂

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