I spent most of the other day bent over,  painting lines on the parking lot and continuing my battle with the weeds in the rose garden!   It’s still up in the air, who the victor will be, but I’m putting my  chips on me.    However,  the vivid stripe of hot pink sunburn on my lower back is a tender reminder  to  pay  better attention to detail  and pull down my shirt and  cover my ass!  Ouch!  Point taken!

While weeding, it was amazing to see how pernicious the weeds are ,  how they seem to be deliberately trying to gang up  overpower the  flowers,  wrapping  themselves around and strangling them!    Getting under the skin of the parking lot and  undermining it!

I was struck by how much the  weeds  resemble  negativity in your  brain!   In the very same way, negativity can take over your thoughts and actions, undermining  the beautiful flowers inside you, and strangling your growth!  Even below   the seemingly smooth calm surface of the asphalt,  there is a web of weeds spreading out underneath, slowly  destroying the parking lot from the inside!

I’ve been  spraying weed killer on the weeds, and getting down on my hands and knees and ripping them out of the ground.  In the same way,   I realize that  I’m gonna have to get  in my own head, and  remove some old weeds of fear and negativity  that have been taking up residence for far too long!     WOW!


These are a couple of pictures of the weeds growing under the asphalt, or  the effects of negativity on your brain!

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  1. Weed roots! are you sure they’re not roots from your neighbors plants Either that of you have some big mean weeds growing up somewhere lol

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