After getting sidetracked all week-end with carloads of shelves and plants , it was time to turn my attention back to the dirt pile waiting patiently in the back yard!   After seeing my post, several of you  advised that I should have a barrier of bricks between the house and the dirt.

That seemed like a  pretty good suggestion, so it was back to the Craig’s list free section, searching for bricks.  Not wanting to disappoint me, or have my house rot;  the universe led me to Awesome Al in Marina Del Ray.  Al is building his dream home for his three children and is  eco-concious;  so he’s listed his left over building materials, so that they dont go to waste!

Al was super  nice and helped me load up a huge load of bricks into the back of my truck.  He also suggested I check out Habitat for Humanity  for some home renovation treasures( tomorrow’s adventure),  and sent me off with several packets of hot chocolate!  ( Which I’m drinking as I write this!)

I got home,  unloaded the bricks into the back yard, and started digging a small channel along the wall.  I sprayed down the  whole area with Ortho Home Defense Max, before laying down 3 rows of bricks on top of each other along the length of the wall, so that the bricks were level with the dirt.   I was a little daunted at first, but I just went brick by brick, and  it didn’t take as long as I had expected and  turned out pretty good!  Not bad for a days work!  ( And another life lesson)

Now I can actually start planting things in there!

THANK YOU for the bricks and hot chocolate AL!  🙂


4 Responses

  1. I miss the Habitat for Humanity store! When I was living ‘down south’ I went there all the time – not that your CL freebies project isn’t entertaining…

    • thanks for your comment and support! im gonna check it out tomorrow– 🙂

  2. Nice running bond on the bricks 😉

  3. oh I’m so glad to see the Ortho Home Defense Max being used, I wonder if it works on keeping out us wackadoos lol

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