It had  been a  really  long  time  since  I last posted!!  I’ve made  a big change in my  life-  and  have moved out of my spacious holly-hood apartment into a tiny cottage on the west side!   I was really surprised how much anxiety moving caused –  especially since at one point in my life- I didn’t think twice about moving across the country or overseas EVEN!–  and  now,  moving across town was giving me panic attacks??!!  WHO  have I become?   I’m suddenly re-discovering myself– EEEK!

So now- in one short month, i have given my 30 day  notice, looked for a new place, found one,  been approved , and moved my giant accumulation of STUFF  across town and into the tiny cottage with NO STORAGE!    Don’t get me wrong-  I am now blissfully happy in my new place- but I have a lot of  work to do to get  all set up and  moved in  properly!

So I figure, this is the perfect time to start blogging again- so i can share my journey in do-it-yourself-ing and home repair!   I’m kind of surprised to find that I am not as skilled as  i  thought!! LOL!  So hopefully, some of you will be able to give me suggestions and advice along the way as well!

My first plans are to  A., fix up the  back yard and made a garden & create green privacy wall.   B.,  fix up the front with pots, planters, shrubs, flowers- so that it looks like a cute cottage!  C., solve my  huge  lack if storage problems in the  bathroom, bed room, closet, and pantry!  Theres more  to do after that– but  those are my 1st  three objectives!

To that end- ive already spent an afternoon in Pasadena trying ( unsuccessfully) to dig up free bamboo!  – since then ive been warned of the dangers of planting  bamboo ( it spreads like cancer & must be contained!!)   I’ve  also tried to build my own  bathroom space saver/shelf to go over the  toilet ( also unsuccessful)  Note to readers-  home depot will cut your wood for free- but their saw is warped & does  not give a precision cut!!  — Meaning….your shelf will look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!!

So- that’s the introduction to the Love Shack Project & Blog!  I will post pictures and share this journey with you!

🙂 xoxo



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  1. “The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together
    Love Shack baby!’

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